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Brian Cramer

I started photography to capture the indescribable things around us. A world viewed through my eyes but different to others. I wanted to show what I was seeing. Photographing family and friends helped me develop my style of photography. Candid photos is where I find more natural emotions and expressions, when people are just being themselves. It’s a more realistic expression of the person at the time, not a “pasted on” smile or pose.

It can be difficult to be invisible when carrying a large camera, but I try to be unobtrusive as much as possible. Clients become used to my presence whether it is a wedding, party, or a portrait.

The quality of photos are important to me more than ever when it comes to photography and there are no rules that restrict my artistry. At any event or portrait session, I may shoot hundreds of photos in order to capture the feeling of that particular moment. I enjoy the creative freedom to experiment and try different techniques without worrying about the number of shots taken.

Taking photos is about capturing the true feelings and emotions of that moment. I want my clients to look at the photos and know exactly how they felt in that moment…whether it was one week ago or twenty years ago. That is the essence of photography.

Ultimately, the process and printing of the photos plays an equally important part in the quality of the final image. After the event or shoot, I will spend literally, days processing the images to achieve the closest match to my perception of the scene that day it was photographed. I will use many techniques I have developed and learned, for getting the most out of the image which adds to the impact of the photo and best represents how it should be viewed. I do not send the images out for bulk processing. Although it is easier and faster, I find processing the images myself, retain the most quality control. This is the process I like and the one process that cannot be rushed. The end result, photos of memories that are timeless.

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01/Wedding/Event Coverage

$250 for 2 hours of coverage!! (2 hour minimum) ALL INCLUSIVE FULL DAY WEDDING PACKAGE – $800


Wedding photography is an experience to be enjoyed.

I strive to provide the best experience for my brides and grooms, from your initial free consultation to the wedding day itself to presenting your digital images as well as books and enlargements as requested.

02/Associate Photographer

Packages available starting at $1,200

All packages include: · A pre-wedding photo shoot · 9 hours of coverage on your wedding day by myself and 2nd photographer · 500+ images to choose from

03 /Real Estate Photographer

15 Luxury Twilight Photos :: $200
25 Luxury Twilight Photos :: $250
35 Luxury Twilight Photos :: $300

04 /Basic Photography Rates

Day Rate (8 Hours) :: $900
1/2 Day Rate :: $500
Hourly Rate :: $75
Minimum (Show up cost) :: $200

Photography is all about

  • You the customer and understanding what specific photography needs you need met.
  • Quality service from photography professionals.
  • Being on time
  • Delivering the end product on time if not early
  • Making sure you walk away satisfied and impressed.

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